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Planning Application Number: 180857
iLAP Number: None
Site Address: The Atrium Thames Street Sonning RG4 6UR
Description: Application to vary condition 2 following grant of planning consent (173537) for the proposed erection of replacement dwelling house, with basement and detached double garage and store following demolition of existing dwelling and incorporation of a strip of curtilage land from Pool Court Condition 2 relates to the approved plans, the new plan proposes amendments to the approved garage, minor alterations to the approved replacement dwelling, additional covered parking space and connection of garage to the house.

Please refer to our online guide 'How to comment or object to a planning application' which gives information on how to give us your views and whathappens to your comments

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Object Support General Observation

IMPORTANT: Any correspondence we receive about an application (or telephone conversations which are noted) are NOT CONFIDENTIAL and can be seen by anybody, including the applicant or other neighbours. Therefore, please avoid writing anything you do not wish to be available for public inspection. Also, if a planning application is to be considered by a Committee of the Council, any comments received will be summarised in a publicly available report submitted to that Committee.

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